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Varisty Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Tue, Feb 1705:30 PMProvidenceSouth Gwinnett HS
Thu, Feb 1905:30 PMRedanSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Feb 2005:55 PMMountain ViewCool Ray Field
Wed, Feb 2505:30 PMWalnut GroveSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Feb 2705:30 PMWesleyanWesleyan School
Sat, Feb 2801:00 PMApalacheeSouth Gwinnett HS
Thu, Mar 0505:55 PMLoganvilleLoganville MS
Sat, Mar 0701:00 PMNorcrossNorcross HS
Tue, Mar 1005:55 PMBufordBuford HS
Thu, Mar 1205:30 PMCollins HillCollins Hill HS
Mon, Mar 1605:55 PMShilohShiloh HS
Wed, Mar 1805:55 PMBrookwoodSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Mar 2005:55 PMBerkmarBerkmar HS
Mon, Mar 2305:55 PMCentral GwinnettSouth Gwinnett HS
Wed, Mar 2505:55 PMParkviewParkview HS
Mon, Mar 3005:55 PMArcherSouth Gwinnett HS
Wed, Apr 0105:45 PMGraysonGrayson HS
Fri, Apr 0307:00 PMDaculaSouth Gwinnett HS
Mon, Apr 0605:55 PMShilohSouth Gwinnett HS
Wed, Apr 0806:00 PMBrookwoodBrookwood HS
Fri, Apr 1005:55 PMBerkmarSouth Gwinnett HS
Mon, Apr 1305:55 PMCentral GwinnettCentral Gwinnett HS
Wed, Apr 1505:55 PMParkviewSouth Gwinnett HS
Mon, Apr 2005:55 PMArcherArcher HS
Wed, Apr 2205:55 PMGraysonSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Apr 2405:55 PMDaculaDacula HS
JV Schedule
Event DateTimeOpponentLoc
Wed, Feb 1805:30 PMGraysonSouth Gwinnett HS
Sat, Feb 2104:00 PMLoganvilleLoganville MS
Thu, Feb 2605:30 PMLoganvilleSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Feb 2705:30 PMHeritageHeritage HS
Mon, Mar 0205:30 PMBrookwoodSouth Gwinnett HS
Wed, Mar 0405:30 PMGraysonGrayson HS
Tue, Mar 1005:30 PMWalnut GroveSouth Gwinnett HS
Thu, Mar 1205:30 PMMeadowcreekSouth Gwinnett HS
Mon, Mar 1605:30 PMCentral GwinnettSouth Gwinnett HS
Thu, Mar 1905:30 PMProvidenceSouth Gwinnett HS
Fri, Mar 2005:30 PMShilohSouth Gwinnett HS
Tue, Mar 2405:30 PMWalnut GroveWalnut Grove HS
Fri, Mar 2705:30 PMHeritageSouth Gwinnett HS
Wed, Apr 0105:30 PMCentral GwinnettCentral Gwinnett HS
Thu, Apr 0205:30 PMProvidenceProvidence
Fri, Apr 0305:30 PMShilohShiloh HS
Sat, Apr 18TBAJV ChanmpionshipTBD - 2 GAMES


Roster Announcement!!

The following players need to report for practice tomorrow Fri. Jan 23, 2015.

2015 Comets

Justin Beck
Chayce Bryant
Michael Bryant
Levi Byrd
Dylan Capps
Jacob Carlsen
Landon Crafton
Cole Davis
Marc Davis
Wesley Davis
Ryan Dunlap
Austin Ethridge
Corey Farrow
Isiah Fleming
Kahlil Hunt
Tariq Jackson
Eric Johns
Seth Johnston
Jordan Kidd
Mikey Lee
Gary Magee
Kyle Magee
Alejandro Martinez
Brandon McCall
Jack McCarthy
Lamar McCoy
Eric Miller
Hunter Moorer
Deandre Myers
Trent Nutter
Jordan Pullens
Ian Salas-Loto
Malik Sanders
Chad Smith
Jared Smith
Jarius Smith
Gabe Tillman
Seth Tucker
Cabera Weaver
Eriq White
Jamey York

All players involved in a Winter sport are invited to try out upon completion of their respective seasons.

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